App Review: Libby the Library App

App Review: Libby the Library App

It’s rare for me to pick up a physical book these days. Most of my reading is done on my iPhone though my Kindle app or through iBooks.  It has been years and years since I have stepped foot in a library – until this past week when I couldn’t wait to start a book that was no longer in print. It never even occurred to me to check the library.  But sure enough, there it was.  Even more surprising was the realization that many libraries are charging into the digital world without me even knowing.

Did you know you can now rent thousands of eBooks and audiobooks for free from your library just like you would rent a physical book?  You don’t even need to go into the library to do this.  Download the Libby app through the app store or google play.  You just enter in your library card number and you can immediately access full ebooks to read on your device even if you are thousands of miles from your library.

Keep in mind that not every book is available, and you may have to wait until someone else is done ‘borrowing’ the book you want, but if you have some flexibility it is a great way to enjoy the convenience of renting a book without having to pay for an ebook. If you are like me and you prefer reading digitally but you would rather not have to buy every book you read – check this app out.  Even if you download one book for free to enjoy it will be well worth the two minutes it took you to read this short post and download the app.

Maybe I’ve been under a rock and everyone is already doing this – but I thought this e-library concept was worth saying a few words about. I’m glad to have discovered it.

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