Pressery Juice Cleanse Results

Pressery Juice Cleanse Results

A couple of weeks ago a friend of ours introduced us to a new local product he has helped to create and bring to market called Pressery.  The Boulder company produces juices that are raw, cold-pressed and fresh from locally sourced fruits and veggies – and of course they are all organic.  Due to the hand crafted process these juices are not cheap (~$9 each), but they are a value considering the results from my two day cleanse.

I don’t have the patience to post the exact juices taken each day but I will tell you that I drank 5 juices each day according to the cleanse schedule that came with the package.  The schedule is manageable and I was really surprised that at no time during the 2 day cleanse was I even a little bit hungry (truly, not even a little), despite having only these 5 juices and water for a full 48 hours.


After my two day cleanse I stepped on my Aria scale and was floored that I had lost 6.4 pounds in 48 hours!  This was nearly 2 weeks ago that I finished the cleanse and the weight has stayed off with less than 30 minutes of daily exercise.


For those of you interested in losing a few pounds quickly I would highly recommend this 2 day cleanse.  In fact, I am going to be doing another 2 day cleanse next week before we head to Jamaica to try to lose a couple more leisure pounds for good measure.

Also, don’t let the cost dissuade you.  Just compare the nonorganic weight loss supplements that millions of people cram down their throats every day with less results at a higher cost.  The value is in the results and this is the best juice I have ever had – period.

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