StubHub Saved me Over $1k

StubHub Saved me Over $1k

StubHub Saved me $1kLast week due to my own disorganization I purchased 8 nonrefundable tickets to the wrong concert in the wrong state on the wrong date from TicketMaster.  Normally, this would have been a costly mistake as I am not the type of person to spend time posting ads on craigslist and ebay to facilitate a financial transaction with strangers, but I had the good fortune to stumble upon

It was when I was searching for the correct tickets to purchase I came across this site.  Call me naïve but I never realized the huge aftermarket for event tickets.  My former impression was that the robust gentlemen standing on the sides of the street with signs reading “I Need Tickets” adequately served the market (see included image).  Clearly this isn’t so as StubHub has aftermarket event tickets for every possible event at a range of prices.

Long story short – I spent less than 4 minutes posting my tickets for sale on Friday of last week and as of yesterday they had all been sold at my list price.  Granted, I did price them lower range of their posted “average range of sales” for the event, but losing $300 is better than losing $1400 on my silly mistake.  I certainly could have posted them at a higher price but this was an experiment.  The site even provides a printable UPS label for convenience to send the physical tickets so this took me almost zero time.

The $300 was well worth the introduction to this well run company.  Despite the fact that I don’t foresee a need to sell many tickets on this site in the future, I will always shop here when pricing tickets for a future event.

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