Support the Ten Island Renewable Challenge

We just returned home from Jamaica early yesterday morning.  While this wasn’t our first trip to the beautiful island country it was especially hard this trip to ignore the drastic delta between the haves and the have-nots outside of the gates of our resort.  On previous trips we have gone into the local market where local Jamaicans hustle to eke out a living selling fruit, hand made jewelry and the like.   While this is a bit of a novelty for us Americans to witness, it was evident that it is a daily struggle for many of these Jamaicans to earn enough to provide necessities beyond food and basic shelter for themselves and their family.

Before leaving our resort while I was standing in the lobby waiting for our bags to be loaded in the transport I saw a picture on the wall of Sir Richard Branson.  I have always had a great deal of respect and admiration for his entrepreneurial vision and his willingness to champion causes he cares about.  Thanks to WiFi on our flight I was able to read about a charitable campaign he is helping to promote called the Ten Island Renewable Challenge whereby he is helping to bring attention to the local economic benefits created by bringing sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar to island communities.

When I watched the video and saw that some island inhabitants spend up to 1/3 of their earnings on energy it absolutely moved me and I chose to show my support by donating to this cause.  I encourage you to at least watch the video so you understand the problem and if you feel so compelled to throw a couple bucks to support this effort. 

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