When Life Gives You Oranges…

When Life Gives You Oranges…

We have all heard the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” but sometimes life gives you other fruit, and we need to figure out what and how to make something out of what we are given.  Twenty-four months ago I would never have thought we would be spending so much time in Florida, and yet – here we are. Kathryn had never really liked Florida outside of Naples, or Palm Beach, so when we determined Florida was the next logical move for us, neither of us really knew what to expect.  Would we like it here?  It turns out the answer is mostly yes.

As those of you close to us know, my family and I have been put through a lot of trials recently (pun intended). It hasn’t been all bad though; not by a long shot. There have also been a tremendous number of blessings in the past 24 months that have helped to strengthen our family, faith, and resolve. These blessings have often come in areas of my life that I now know in retrospect were lacking, and I am grateful for being forced to grow in those deficiencies.

As for ongoing external factors, I have been at peace with them for a long time. Exoneration is the only possible outcome for the still-ongoing legal matter in Boulder. I am grateful to the individuals who will be instrumental in clearing this cloud upon gaining a full understanding of the facts. Until that day, I will continue to walk the beach, swim in the pool with my little girl as often as she wants, and enjoy the gift of time with my family. Even in this damaged state, I realize this time is a luxury that most fathers never have with their young children. I am eternally grateful.

Kathryn and I took Penelope to a local orange juice factory last week to make orange juice from freshly picked oranges. This adventure was something we would never have done if life hadn’t brought us to Florida for a bit.  It was a first for us all.  After, we took Penelope to a strawberry farm where we picked strawberries for home-made pudding and jam.

Penelope’s Strawberries

Life is beautiful and the orange juice is sweet.


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